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Marquette, MI Chiropractor

Byma Chiropractic is truly a unique facility. Though most patients don't know it, there are many different techniques/styles of adjusting that are used in the profession, and our doctor is trained in the most specific and biomechanically correct technique of chiropractic. The technique is called Gonstead, and is arguably the most difficult and time consuming technique to learn. It is known throughout chiropractic as the technique that gets the tough cases well. Since it is so difficult and time consuming to learn, most chiropractic colleges do not offer it in their curriculum. Thus, it is up to the doctor to spend the extra time, effort and money to learn it outside of chiropractic school. Currently there are only 2 or 3 other Gonstead practitioners in all of Marquette County, which is why Byma Chiropractic is so unique. Unfortunately there are many chiropractors that claim to use the Gonstead technique, but are simply using the name to attract attention. Care must be taken to ensure the actual credentials of each individual. Ways to test your doctors' credentials will be discussed in more detail on a later page.

Due to the fact that our doctor is focused on providing the absolute best for his patients, we have on site nutritional products of the highest quality. Feel free to ask to see our products.

Byma Chiropractic - Marquette, MI